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European Literary Bibliography


The Czech Literary Bibliography, created at Institute of Czech Literature of the Czech Academy of Sciences, a public research institution, is a basic research infrastructure for literary Czech studies and related humanities (e.g. philology, philosophy, history, art history and journalism). Its objective is to process, continuously edit and update and place online a unique set of bibliographical and other knowledge databases, seamlessly mapping out literary events and literary studies in the Czech lands and the circulation of Czech literature abroad from the beginning of the National Revival to the present, regardless of language, format or medium. Currently, Czech Literary Bibliography databases contain records on 2,250,000+ articles on literature and literary life in the Czech lands since 1770 up to the present days.

Polish Literary Bibliography is created and compiled at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a public research institution, that serves as a research infrastructure for literary studies and related humanities (e.g. philology, philosophy, history, art history and journalism). Its main objective is the curation of Polish literary bibliographical data. It registers, processes and updates a unique bibliography containing books published in Poland and abroad in Polish. For each year-book, PBL compiles approximately 850 periodical titles: national dailies, national literary, cultural, cultural and social periodicals, serials published by academic institutions, selected titles of emigration press and foreign scientific periodicals devoted to Slavic countries. It contains records on 1,200,000+ books and articles on literature, literary life, theatre, film and radio and television works in Poland from 1989 to 2021.

Kansalliskirjasto set is a selection of literary contents from the databases of the Finnish National Library. Kansalliskirjasto consists of The National Collection - Fennica and Finnish Articles – Arto. Fennica contains information about monographs since 1488, serials since 1771 and electronic publications printed or produced in Finland. The dataset also includes materials published outside of Finland that relate to Finland or are written by a Finnish author. The articles from over 500 Finnish journals are indexed in the Arto database.

The Spanish National Library collection is an extensive assembly of literary works curated from the databases of the Spanish National Library. This collection primarily emphasizes Spanish literature, showcasing a rich array of books that trace back to the early publication years in Spain.
Additionally, the collection is complemented by Spanish Articles from Dialnet, a significant repository for articles. Dialnet enriches this collection by providing access to contemporary literary discourse and scholarly articles.

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